Dreaming with the Goddess - myths and dreams as a path to seidur

A weekend of shamanism, dreams and myths with Valgerður H. Bjarnadóttir

Spring Equinox - 20th to 22nd March 2019

The workshop is in English and open to all who can understand and express themselves in that language. In this Spring Equinox workshop in the country we use shamanic tools to work with our dreams of the night and the dreams of life mirrored in myths and legends. We focus on seiður, the old shamanic tradition of the north. the myths of this land, Iceland, and their Norse, Celtic and Saami roots, but we also delve deeper into the culture of the great Goddess of ancient time and the ancient dreams and stories living in the land and in all living beings. 

We will take a look at the role of dreams in ancient cultures and today‘s indigenous cultures and get aquainted with characters from old legends, goddesses and gods, valkyries, fairies, giants and dwarfs.

Participants will gain insight into the role of the female shaman, the völva or sibyl, and the role of dreams and stories in our roots. We will also look at how we can use this knowledge in everyday life in the 21st century. Participants will practice ways of working with dreams and myths as a shamanic practice.

We will work in a remote setting in the country, a small group of people (open to people of all genders) in touch with nature.

Participants will sleep in cabins, appr. 5 minutes from the place of the workshop. More about the place and accomodation when you register.

If participants have drums or rattles, bells, flutes or other „simple“ instruments, they are welcome to bring those along. Also a notebook, pen and colors and comfortable and warm clothes.

Valgerður has a degree in Social Work, BA in Integral Studies (emphasis on dream-work) and MA in Women's Spirituality (emphasis on Norse mythology and it's roots and branches) from CIIS, San Fransisco. She has studied shamanism with Lynn V. Andrews and Caitlín Matthews, Robert Moss, Carlos Castaneda, Bíret Marit Callio and more. She has written the book The Saga of Vanadís, Völva and Valkyrja, published in Germany in 2009. She has her own practice, - Vanadís - our roots, dreams and power -, where she teaches, counsels, writes and organises events and workshops in shamanism, dreams, mythology, self-empowerment, women's history etc.

Booking and information about the event in private messages on this page or email to vanadis@vanadis.is

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