Web of life - cultural dreams and personal roots

Self-esteem training and re-rooting for women

This course is available for groups in Iceland and abroad, on demand.

Next scheduled course is a Grundtvig In-service training, May 2012 (more soon)

Exploring and connecting to the life, roots and future visions of the learners through short lectures and various creative and introspective "tools" and stories. Tours in the natural landscape of Iceland to enhance connection to nature, self and one another, across cultures, personal differences and inner and outer conflicts.  

The awareness of our need for rootedness and seeing ourselves in the context of a cycle of wholeness is not new,  but it has been set aside during the last decades, in the hazard of economical "growth".  The world crisis we now face is not only economical or commercial, it is about  the identity of nations, societies and persons. We need to learn to connect to ourselves and others in new ways.  

The Web of Life focuses on self-knowledge, looking at ones roots and connection to the roots of others, defining the purposes of ones life and setting goals in relation to that, and thereby finding ones strength in the present situation. It's focus is also to give the "student" simple tools, accessable to everyone, which the student can use in the future and thus continue the learning process on her own.

Expected outputs

Increased integrated self-knowledge and self-esteem. A sense of connection between personal roots and future visions, between oneself and other women from different cultures, and being able to share that sense with others. 

Mastering "tools" , accessible to us all, to continue the search for self: creative endeavors for expression; introspective journal writing; using dreams and meditations as mirrors; connecting to nature to find ones inner natural resources etc.


We will work and stay at Öngulsstaðir guesthouse in Eyjafjörður (see www.ongulsstadir.is )


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