Freyja and the Norns of Fate - empowered women

A 15 hour or week-end (2 - 3 days) course where the Old Icelandic sagas, myths and folk-lore are used as mirrors to see and understand ourselves. Urður, Verðandi and Skuld were the Skapanornir or Norns of Fate in old Icelandic myths. They created the fate of humans and gods alike, sitting beside Urðarbrunnur (the Well of Urður - or Wyrrd)) from which they had originally ascended. Freyja was the Great Goddess of the North and a kind of Norn herself.

urd_verandi_og_skuld_vefa_wyrd_arthur_rackhamArthur Rackham: Urd, Verdandi and Skuld

Clarissa Pinkola Estés gave us a wonderful gift some years back, when she wrote Women who Run with the Wolves. Other great women like Betty deShong Meador and Sylvia Brinton Perera have used the myth of Inanna to explore the depths and dances of our lives. In Freyja and the Norns of Fate we use a similar approach, only with other stories. We use the magic of dreams, visualization, drama, contact with nature and creative expression to work with the stories in the group.

We learn to know Freyja in her many aspects; Brynhildur, the Valkyrie; the Volva Heiður, the Giantess and the Álfkona (Fairy), as well as the Icelandic foremothers Auður djúpúðga, Melkorka and more... while we explore our inner goddesses, giantesses and queens.

This course works best if it is arranged in the country with on-site sleeping for ultimate dreaming, but is also offered as a 15 hour course over five weeks (one night, 3 hours, a week).

A minicourse on this subject (3-4 hours) is also possible.

Can be arranged in Iceland as well as around the world.  


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