Shamanism course in English

Heiður the roots and branches of shamanism  

Facilitator: Valgerður H. Bjarnadóttir

Selland and Illugastaðir Fnjóskadalur

 Friday February 17th , 7 pm to Sunday February 19th, 2 pm  


One root of what we call shamanism was called Seiður in Icelandic. The practice of shamanism has been an important core of everyday life, culture and customs of women and men the world over probably as long as human societies have existed. We still have living shamanism among the indigenous populations of our world, and we are slowly discovering its importance for our age. We are also blowing life into the cinders of this almost forgotten knowledge and culture, where it is buried in the ashes in our Western, modern, dualistic and mecanistic societies. It is hidden in the myths and stories, in the art and in Earth, we just have to listen well and be willing to receive the messages. 

Here in Iceland we find traces of the seiður still concealed in the language as well as customs and stories, from our Nordic, Celtic and Saami roots. 

In this course we will learn about the shamanism of the world, differences and similarities between cultures, with our main-focus on the Nordic, Celtic and Saami roots of Icelandic culture. We will also connect to Mother Nature and her beings, through dreaming and journeying, through rituals and everyday life. We will search for power-spots, power-animals and other allies in Middleworlds, Underworlds and Upperworlds, waking up the völva and vitki, the shaman living inside us all. We will find ways to make the shamanic approach to life a part of our everyday life. 

The name HEIÐUR was often a völva's name or title in the Sagas and is mentioned in Völuspá - The Sibyls Vision

 Valgerður is a social worker, with BA in Integral Studies and MA in Women's Spirituality from CIIS, San Fransisco.  She has studied shamanism with Lynn V. Andrews and Caitlín Matthews, Robert Moss, Carlos Castaneda, Bíret Marit Callio and more. 

 We will work in my cabin and it's surroundings in Selland, Fnjóskadalur

Lodging at Illugastaðir, 4 km from Selland, in  a cabin for 6 - 8 persons. 

 Price:  kr. 35.000.-   (workshop and meals)            

Booking and info: and tel: 895 3319.

Booking before February 11th. Deposit kr.9000.-

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